Find the Best Ice Cream Shop in Plano at Milky Treats

If you’re tired of settling for the drive-thru ice cream cones or hand-dipped options at the grocery store, then it’s time to take a trip to the most popular ice cream shop in Plano here at Legacy Drive Village. Rather than settle for the typical flavors you see at an ice cream parlor, the visionary’s at Milky Treats an abundance of unique flavors you’ll want to devour this summer! Stop by and check out Milky Treats in Plano at Legacy Drive Village:

This Ice Cream Shop in Plano Creates Small Batches for Consistency

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a flavor one visit and tasting it the next time you visit an ice cream shop only to find it’s not as delicious as you’d once thought. Instead of taking the chance of being let down by your go-to flavors, the team at Milky Treats only creates small batches of each flavor to guarantee consistency in taste, texture, and color. Many of their flavors include popular childhood cereals, like Fruity Pebbles and Rice Crispies, so the texture of these small batches stays fresh and palatable. 

Create A Milky Masterpiece of Your Own

You don’t have to settle for scoops in a cone if you’re feeling adventurous with your ice cream selections. In fact, this ice cream shop in Plano has a customizable portion of the menu that allows you to choose an ice cream flavor, add-ins, cereal, and other toppings to build the perfect Milky Shake, Milky Donut, or Milky Swirl. Milky donuts are a concoction that forms a decadent ice cream sandwich made with a freshly baked donut and your favorite flavors and mixes. 

New Flavors Every Month

As if their unique options weren’t exciting enough, you can expect to see new flavors pop up on the menu every month. During holiday seasons like Christmas and Halloween, you can expect themed desserts named after whimsical characters and decorations, which means there’s always something fun to discover at this ice cream shop in Plano. 

Come savor the flavors at Legacy Drive Village the next time you’re craving homemade ice cream with a twist! Looking for more delicious spring treats in Plano? Check out our directory today!

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