Discover Quick and Easy Holiday Shipping Services at PostalAnnex in Plano

Are you looking for the best holiday shopping service? Check out PostalAnnex in Plano at the Legacy Drive Village today and start prepping gifts for shipping. Stop by today to ship your holiday gifts in Plano at Legacy Drive Village:

Ship Locally or International Conveniently and Affordably at PostalAnnex in Plano

PostalAnnex is one of the most convenient postal companies in the neighborhood. Through the company, you can access the services of UPS DHL, USPS, and FedEx conveniently without leaving the neighborhood. Whether you are looking to ship gifts to your loved ones for the holidays or you have a small business that you want to grow, the company is here to help you out. Contact the store today and find out your shipping options. 

Discover Professional Packaging Services for Gifts and Products at PostalAnnex 

Visit PostalAnnex in Plano for the best gift wrapping and shopping services or custom packing for your products before shipping to customers. With PostalAnnex holiday shipping services, you never have to wait to get served at the postal office as they bring the services closer to you. Talk to the experts on your preferred packaging needs and let them get started creating appealing packages ready for shipping around or outside the country. 

Explore the Mailbox Rentals Options Offered at PostalAnnex 

Do you want a mailbox where you can receive letters and parcels in Plano? PostalAnnex in Plano offers mailbox rentals complete with a street address. Once you have your mailbox set up, you can always call the company and find out if you have something in your mailbox. Small businesses looking to get an address to start receiving letters will enjoy these mailboxes. Talk to the store attendants and get started setting up your mailbox. 

Eat, shop, and play at the Legacy Drive Village as you prep for the holidays. We have a collection of retailers for each of your shopping and dining needs. Explore our directory today. Looking for more ways to get ready for the holidays in Plano? Check out our directory today!

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