Shop Fresh and Local at the Plano Kroger

Let the January festivities commence, and join us in supporting local businesses here at Legacy Drive Village in Plano. Address that persistent back pain you’ve been overlooking, tackle important appointments while school is out, or simply drop by to replenish your pantry with favorite treats for the start of the year. Here are our preferred ways to prepare for January this year while shopping in Plano at Legacy Drive Village

Discover New Ways to Shop for Groceries at Legacy Drive Village 

Consider Kroger your go-to destination for grocery shopping, offering a seamless and convenient experience. With the option to order your groceries online, you can have your items efficiently prepared for curbside pickup or enjoy the ease of contactless delivery services. Kroger ensures a hassle-free way to meet your grocery needs, making your shopping experience efficient and tailored to your preferences.

Support Local Businesses While Recovering from Back Pain 

Stop going out to the big city to see the chiropractor and schedule an appointment with one of the pros right here in town at ChiroCare Plano. Whether you are still recovering from an old injury or you have a mystery pain that’s flared up out of nowhere, the chiropractors at ChiroCare Plano will set up a regimen that is sure to have you feeling like your old self again. 

Schedule Critical Appointments While You Have Time 

Now that students have their schedules filled with classes, it’s essential to carve out time for their dental care at Sweet Life Dental. From routine cleanings to X-rays and comprehensive oral care, you can rest assured that your child’s dental health is in good hands. The advantage of scheduling a visit to Sweet Life Dental at the beginning of 2024 is that you won’t need to concern yourself with disrupting their lessons later in the year.

Come show your support for local companies while you celebrate the New Year with loved ones here in Plano. Want to find more of the best ways to support local businesses in Plano? Check out our directory today!

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